Help me identify this Fendi bag please!

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  1. I was just at a Neiman Marcus this morning and briefly looked at this Fendi handbag on the sales tables, it was NOT a "B" or a "Spy" it was just a medium sized shoulder bag but it was REALLY unique.

    It had thick dark rainbow colored vertical stripes, in an almost shiny Lamé fabric, and on the front was a small beige lock with 'Fendi" in small writing. It had a black handle with gold hardware.


    Any ideas?
  2. Oh ok, that's the shape and everything but it DEFINATELY was not those colors. :s. haha.

    I am going to search around, I have to find a picture of this!!

    hehe, Thank you so very much!! But that's the exact style, just different colors/pattern.

    I sware it had like purples and gold and the handle was DEFINATELY black. It looked very much like a "disco" bag. :p