help me identify this coach bag

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  1. can someone please help me identify this coach handbag below. need to sell but i need the name of the bag. anyones help is greatly appreciated
  2. If it's real, I want to call it the older style gallery tote, not sure why since I wasn't into Coach when those ones were released, but I must have seen it somewhere. Don't know if it's right or not though, so hopefully someone else will be able to confirm.
  3. i was gong to say gallery tote, too.

    look inside and get the style #. google it and see what other people are calling it, lol.
  4. It's an older gallery tote, you ladies are right.
  5. I think this was called shopping tote or something like that from 03..i think.
  6. I don't know if these came in different sizes, but here is what I found in an old catalog. They called it the Coach Signature Market Tote, #6042, $258. This was in the Fall 2002 catalog.
  7. ^I agree with maxie - I think it's a large Market Tote.
  8. Aha! That's
    I knew the name had something to do with shopping.
  9. If you are going to sell it I would try and un-flatten it. Alot of fake bags are flatened like this because they are stacked hap-hazardly and shipped in bulk. Try and square out the sides.
  10. Looks like my Hamptons Book Tote to me.