Help me identify this Chanel bag

  1. Hello, I got this bag as a gift from my doting aunt last month - she has no children, and I am her Barbie doll. Other than this being an authentic Chanel (my aunt is a collector), I have no information about this bag whatsoever. When a Chanel SA at Neiman Marcus saw me walking by with the bag he remarked I must have had that bag for a while and loved every moment of owning it. (He was right) I was too embarrassed to ask :shame: Can anyone help me identify this one - any info at all - what year? [​IMG]
  2. I don't know the name..but just wanted to say, LUCKY YOU! It's a gorgeous bag!
  3. ^^^ Totally agree to--it's beautiful!
  4. How about posting a thread in the ebay handbag discussion board. There are a couple of ladies there that know their Chanels. Good luck.

    Beautiful bag.