Help me Identify this Chanel Bag in Cruise Collection

  1. Saw this on a post at, its from the cruise collection.. can someone help me identify this Chanel Bag? :girlsigh:
    cruise collection.jpg
  2. and if you have any idea if it comes in different colors? fabrics? and how much does it cost?:woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  3. if you look someone made a post about the cruise 2008. there was a pic of it in black, and i believe its fabric hold on ill post a link !
  4. thanks girl....... i think the beige one is more rectangular and the black one is the same size as the cambon tote in large....or they come in 2 different sizes :') thanks for the info ...
  5. The fabric is coated canvas, similar to the Paris-Biarritz ligne. I'm pretty sure it is the only fabric type.
  6. Then why in the world is it 3k?? :confused1:
  7. Whew!!!!! pricey for that bag, i was expecting that to be around US$1500k to US$2k only... US$3150 for that bag???????? by the way is that the hollywood collection? do you know what other color aside from beige and black? is it already available in stores right now?
  8. That price does sound very high, especially since to me, the beige one in the picture, really looks like a beach bag! The straps look like very inexpensive fabric cording. :nogood:
  9. i'm not sure why the piece is priced the way it is. it is a very large bag, i can't wait to see it irl.
  10. I emailed Chanel Boy regarding the identity of this bag... Its the pacific palisade collection.. material is metallic canvas with patent coating, comes in two colors the black and the gold (lt beige in the picture but more of gold color), it comes in one size but my sa in texas said it comes in two sizes the meduim (29x38x15) large (30x48x16.5) and retail is US$3195... Pricey!!!:shrugs::shrugs::shrugs:.... i really love the look and color of this bag but when i think about the price, gives me second thought?????? :confused1::confused1::confused1:
  11. Honestly I don't think this bag worths that money!I'd suggest you invest it in a leather one!;)
  12. Because they're nuts? :tdown:
  13. ITA!!!
  14. This seems like a bag that might be faked a lot in the future.

    Regardless the price is high for coated fabric....