Help me identify this Cartier watch!

  1. I recently went to Tourneau and tried on a Cartier watch that I fell in love with! :love:

    They told me it's only available in white gold and not steel, but I just wanted to make sure that is really true (so often stores say something is "not available" if they themselves don't have the particular item!) I have never seen it before and have been unable to find any info on it online. Please let me know if you know anything about it!

    Here is a description:
    - It is a tank-style watch (closest to the Tank Americaine) but it is very skinny and very long
    - I'd say it's a mini size (same width as Santos Demoiselle Mini)
    - It has the same strap as the Santos Demoiselle Mini

    Please let me know if you have seen/heard anything about it or at least know the name. In particular, I'd love to find it in steel (if it exists) as I can't afford the white gold one right now and would be so sad if that was the case, but at least it would put my mind and incessant searching to rest. :sad:

    Thanks in advance!!!

    P.S. Can anyone confirm that the steel watches are *not* available with diamonds?
  2. It does sound like the Tank Americaine,and Cartier don't produce one in steel, its one of Cartier's little 'in the know' things,eg if you saw a lady wearing a Tank Americiane you would know instantly that its a precious metal watch, rather like Rolex who prouce a bracelet called the President,its different to the others, and if you see it on any of their watches you will know the whole watch is made of a precious metal,if its a white metal it will be white gold or platinum,never steel.It just means that as well as supplying watches to a broader audience it does keep some exclusivity to the brands.A shame if you can't afford a precious metal one, but nice to know that your watch has very exclusive cousins!! I wear a steel Rolex,but I don't mind as its better of part of the family tree can go for over £70k!! so its kind of good company to be in!!
    And as far as I remember steel Cartiers didn't come with diamonds,best to check with a Cartier boutique for absolute accuracy as it may have changed a bit since I left the trade about 18months ago(full-tme mum now!)xxxxxxxx
  3. Thanks Chaz, for all your helpful info! I thought I'd be satisfied once I knew one way or another whether I could have it, but its exclusivity makes me want it even more! :graucho:

    Do you know if the Tank Americaine is available with a leather strap? The one that I saw had a beautiful bracelet strap (like the Demoiselle) but I imagine with a leather strap it should be much more affordable. I believe the one I saw was over $18K and it was the smallest model available.... if there is one with a leather strap, do you know how much it would cost? Also, would the strap be interchangeable, i.e. could I replace it with the Demoiselle strap if it fits?
  4. Certainly is,but if you want any other colored straps,unless they have a stock in store can take up to 6 weeks for delivery!!!You can order lots of different colors,(lilac or nude on the white gold can look paticularly beautiful),with different skins too tho these vary in price between croc,calf and lizard.They are quite expensive so they could make handy xmas prezzies from people if you don't want to keep shelling out( one of my clients did this to her advantage and had a whole 'wardrobe' of colors!)
    There will be a bracelet available specifically for the watch and the watch 'head' itself is available in a couple of sizes,the gents one as the Tank americaine has a softly curved case can look extremely good on a girl.

    I must admit I'm very much out of touch with the prices here in the UK now (been on planet baby for so long!) but I can find out and post tommorow,although the big watch houses such as these and Rolex do have a fairly fixed worldwide price,otherwise there would be outrage from some people who pay more than other countries!!! But one thing that always struck me and my collegues is that if you buy the bracelet separately they seem to work out very expensive,so we always used to advise clients to try and go the 'whole hog' at the start if possible,as for some reason price between a strap or bracelet model is not that huge,but if you buy the bracelet at a later date the cost seems to come to more than buying a complete bracelet watch to start with? I would also check this out too it may have changed,may cause you to have a re-think on your initial purchase if it saves a couple of hundred quid if it has'nt!!!!

    If you really want it its worth saving for as they are a very beautiful and iconic watch to own,and wearing one would feel fabulous! But a gentle word of warning, if you wear your watches quite hard,you may find it heartbreaking if it gets marked and as they are made from white gold and are so highly polished with very smooth cases,it will show. I wear a steel watch,and I was quite precious about it at first,but now some time down the line after a few marks and klonks I just don't think about it and just get on with wearing and enjoying it (the first scratch is a killer!)
  5. I believe this is the same watch Jennifer Garner wears.
  6. They do have some that come with diamonds. Visit Cartier's website and view the Tank collection - it's called the Americaine.