Help me identify this Beautiful bag!!!

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  1. Please tell me more about this bag.....the style name, what yr it was made. Is it a limited edition? Should I get this?? What is the retail price? Is Cavier leather one of Chanel's best leather? (Sorry, kinda new to Chanel) Please help me out! :heart: Is the color too bright? Any opinions regarding this bag will be appreciated! Thanks! ladies
  2. ACK! I can never remember the naem of this Ligne, it was a VERY French, hard to pronounce word though.
    No it wasn't LE and some are still floating about. My NM has a few different styles in this ligne, but in black and tan. I don't know if they have this exact shape.
    Caviar leather is Chanel's most durable leather, no need to baby or worry about it at all.
  3. I love this ligne with the stitching :heart:
    I think it's called Surpique.
  4. YES!! Surpique! I'm so glad you posted that! I posted it months ago and could never find my post or remember the name again and it's been killing me!
  5. wow...this line must be so rare. It seems like not many ppl know about this line. Anyone can remebmer how much this bag cost in retail?
  6. I can't remember, but you should call a NM, I know mine has had them in stock recently.
    They're pretty old now, a couple of years at least I think.
  7. Thanks! Swanky you know which NM I should call? Do you have a phone number as well? (I live in Canada) Also, I went to the Chanel counter today @ Holt Renfrew & one of the Chanel SA said that the Surprique was never made in red! Since stocks in Chanel Canada are limited, the SA may not know what I am talking about. LOL ;) it's better for me to call NM then. I want to find out!! :yes: Thanks in advance!
  8. You can call my SA, Shannon @ NM, she's happy to ship.
    Call and ask for handbags and then ask for Shannon, {972}629.1700
    if she's not there, leave her a message by calling same # and ask for ext 1301.
    I don't know what colors she had.
    She looked up the name for me a few months ago, you may still have to describe it since it's an older ligne.
  9. Thank you sooooomuch, swanky mama!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: Will definitely call this week! :wlae: :wlae: :wlae:
  10. I'm so in love with this one :heart: :


    I would really like to have that one and one in black.
    But I'm not sure if it's still available here in Europe and
    I don't even know retail price.