Help me identify this bag

  1. Hello Chanel experts.

    I'm looking for a little bit of help. I've seen a chanel bag that I'd love to buy, can any of you tell me what model is and if is is still available?

    chanel bag.jpg
  2. ladybraid flap is still available in Oz, not sure elsewhere.
  3. Thanks for helping me with that. I'm in the UK, but will try the stores here first, before looking further afield.

    I'll be very disappointed if I can't track one down :crybaby:
  4. That seller is reputable and absolutely trustworthy. Many tPFers buy from her, I myself just received a Chanel bag from her yesterday 3 days after winning the auction :upsidedown: If you can't find one in a boutique then she's definitely worth keeping in mind.
  5. personalshopper is a reputable seller. Very nice lady to deal with.
  6. Hi, it makes a real difference if you know other people recommend the seller so I will definatley keep it in mind if I am unable to buy direct from Chanel.
  7. purpledragonfly, the black lady braid flap is available at the chanel boutique in scp (south coast plaza). i tried it on today and thought it was really adorable. i don't know what the lists are like for it, but if you want, i can see if my SA can hold it for ya.

  8. Hi Jennifer,

    That's really kind of you to suggest that, but I am based in the UK so before when I ordered a Judith Leiber bag from the US I got hit with $300 in import taxes :nuts:

    I spoke to my local Chanel branch today and they have said they will call me when the bag arrives here in the UK - so fingers crossed.

    I really appreciate you looking out for me though - so thanks again.