Help me identify this bag!!


Oct 22, 2005
I was in Saks this evening shopping in the Fendi section and saw a bag that I loved!! It has the same handles as the spy, but is much simpler in style...loooks like a plain hobo. It was $1160, which isnt bad considering the buttery soft leather. I was wondering what the style name is of this bag...unfortunately I cant find a pic, and if I can find it anywhere for a lower price...any help is MUCH appreciated!!!
This isn't the right material since it's not in leather... But this is the spy hobo:

I think I've seen them in leather for going about that price....

There's also the spy satchel. Here's one from ebay that's likely fake, but it gives you the idea of the shape and how it has two handles. Also, if you look at Addicted's showcase, she has pictures of her spy satchel that she just got...

Hope that helps!
DRLISA said:
Thanks wicked......Its the Spy Hobo...its amazing in tan nappa leather...I have to go back..Im dreaming about it!!!!:love:
Make sure you try it on. Star has the hologram and commented that you have to carry light as it hurts the shoulder. I ended up canceling the hologram hobo and getting the satchel. I also have the regular spy on pre-order.
After carrying the paddington on a daily basis...i cant imagine anythng being heavy!! But thanks for the advice...I tried it on, but of course it was didnt seem too bad.