Help Me Identify This Bag!


Jan 24, 2008
Hi. Can someone please help me with the color of a Nikki hobo. The seller I bought it from was uncertain of the color. The hardware is gold, so I do not think it's the espresso. I checked with and they said they had the color eggplant last season. I think it's too dark to be the wine color.

Thanks so much to anyone that can help.


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Yes, it does have a purplish tone ... well maybe more of a "wine" color ... I was told the glazed espresso had silver hardware, so that's why I didn't think it was that color. Thank you so much for replying though.
The espresso has silver hardware, but the glazed espresso has gold. It looks like either glazed espresso or eggplant to me. The glazed espresso is slightly more "wine" colored tint than espresso.
This looks like Eggplant to me. It reminds me so much of the "berry-juice" color on HitchcockBlonde's new (and gorgeous) Eggplant MA. Tou can try to hop over to her thread and take a look at her thread to compare.
I think I remember seeing this auction....sorry I can't help to identify the actual color, but I think whatever it is, it's a gorgeous bag! What color are you looking for?
Thanks to all who tried to help me with the color. I am pretty sure now that it's the glazed espresso. I wanted the wine color at first, but felt that would have been too intense ... but, couldn't find it anyway.

Now, I'm stalking a few of the new 2008 RM handbags.

I totally love this site -- everyone is so helpful & informative! THANKS AGAIN!!
Did you see this auction on EBAY? I was leary at first buying it on EBAY, but was pretty sure it was authentic (the seller gave a 1,000 percent guarantee it was authentic and she had 100% feedback). I love the bag and it was worth every penny!
I've had this bag for a while and have never used it. (I know - :wtf:).

Please help identify this color: Is it Glazed Espresso? Mocha? ???
The first pic is with flash, the other is in natural light.


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