Help me identify this bag

  1. My boss just gave me a coach purse. She thought she may have purchased it in 2006. I havent had time to take pics yet, but here is the drilldown photo. Also wondering how to clean this? It is in excellent condition but just wanted to know for future use.... if anyone has this bag and could give me any advice, it would be appreciated!.....thanks in advance.
  2. No clue what it is, but it's very pretty
  3. It's a Pleated Hobo.
  4. What a beautiful bag.. talk about incentives at work!
  5. Thanks so much for your help! I had searched eBay but was looking for silver instead of gold! Thanks for the compliments! I love the purse!
  6. Super cute... congrats!
  7. that is the beautiful pleated ergo - love that bag!
  8. I've also seen this in hot pink and black. It's a very pretty bag :love:
  9. It would be so pretty in hot pink or black :love:

  10. This is the bag that made me so interested to see the new pleated bags!!! Its so pretty, and different. Nice boss! Enjoy it.