Help me identify this bag in the Talbots catalog.


'Will Work For Bags'
Aug 26, 2010
At first I agreed with the above comments but if you zoom in the hardware seems too large on the center front to be a Birkin. There could be some kind of bag charm or junk on it, and it does look like there is a flap tucked into it. Good luck in your search!


....ever ours
Feb 10, 2006
I would highly doubt Talbots would front $11,000 for a bag to be used in a photo shoot...JMHO.
It is stated in the very first post that the bag belongs to the stylist. I don't believe any "fronting" was involved.
Sep 13, 2007
The prairies of the Midwest
I have a Dooney Priscilla in red leather that from the side looks nearly identical to this bag. Except for the side gathering strap. The Priscilla is rather Birkin-like and you can still find it on the Dooney web site. It's not vintage though. The style came out last summer.

About the "vintage" claim... A couple times I've contacted catalogs to inquire about shoes or bags in a picture, and it seems like they almost always tell me that they belong to the stylist and they're vintage--maybe so they don't have to admit that they're from someone else's recent line that the stylist may have snagged for free. So I've grown a bit skeptical when I hear "it's a vintage piece owned by the stylist." I can't help but think is it really?