Help me identify these sunglasses!

  1. ^I don't think they really look similar.

    Have you tried LindaFarrowGallery or MJ or Tom Ford?
  2. I was thinking they were tom ford, I just wasnt sure of a style number..
    I guess Ill have to dig around.
    thanks :smile:
  3. I thought Tom Ford at first, but didn't find any styles that looked as close as the Oliver Goldsmith ones.
  4. The look a bit more MJ to me.. couldn't say which style though. But definitely MJ.
  5. oliver goldsmith audrey do a search for it there are tons of threads on it. i even posted pics of me wearing em
  6. chanel 6006 in black
  7. yeh these are definitely Chanel 6006 in black. You can't find them in stores anymore, so your best bet is to buy them off eBay. They're really hot aviator shield sunglasses.