help me identify these scarves!

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  1. lets hope we can do it by description only, if not, I'll try and dig out the reciepts.

    I cant believe it, Ive come back from New York City with an orange box, and found at home, an orange box waiting for me. My mom and I suprised eachother and had loads of fun gazing over the art.

    the scarf I purchased is a deep royal type blue, a reissue the SA told me. It has rows of horses, a line of a driven horse, a jumping horse, and then running horses. It has L'equines at the top/

    the scarf my mom purchased is brown. It has a man and woman (madame and monsieur on the side) and they are "filled" with all the Hermes gifts- bridles, bags, etc.

    so please do tell me the ID of these lovely scarves.

    so lets see....Im 16, 1 scarf per year from now on, I cant wait to fill my life with Hermes scarves....and someday ;), a black kelly lol
  2. the name of your first one i am going to guess is l'equines. and the second one is monsiuer and madame (that one i'm sure of). the name of the scarf is very often written within the design of the scarf itself.
  3. :push: I shouldve figured that out lol. ahh the joys of the post shopping "brain duldrums". hehe thanks!!