Help me identify the color of this bag...

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  1. I saw this pic in the celebrity thread, and I really love the color of this bag. Could someone please help me identify the color and year. TIA!!!

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  2. 2005 skyblue.. ^^

    i think.. right?
  3. 2005 Sky Blue, they have one at hope you find one, thats a gorgeous colour!
  4. Wow, you ladies are super quick and sure do know your stuff!!! :tup: Thanks so much for your help...of course I am sure this is going to be a tough one to find! I checked out the one at, but it looks pretty faded to me...
  5. ^^ Yes the women on this forum are ridiculously clued up.

    AHA! caught ya on the bbag section. Got your eyes on something else eh?

    : )
  6. 05 sky blue work :yes:

  7. LOL...karenab, you caught me!!!:P Yes, these damn bags are sooooo addictive!!! :yes: I haven't even got my first one yet, and I am eyeing up another...geesh what's a girl to do!:rolleyes:
  8. ^^^ Oh trust me I know exactly what you mean!! I'm already thinking of something else. Its RIDICULOUS! I swear they put some voodoo on these bags when they were first designed.

    PM me what cha after!!!
  9. It is, like the ladies said, '05 Sky Blue. I wold usually never say this since I am a die hard fan of '05 colors and leather, but since '05 Sky Blue tends to yellow and fade a lot, if I was to buy a color like this, I would choose '08 Sky Blue over the '05 Sky Blue. HTH! :smile:
  10. ^^Thanks, MarieG! I appreciate your advice, and as I do my homework on this particular color and year, that seems to be what I am finding out. Unfortunately though, I really really really love this color blue and they newer blue's seem much brighter to me! Hmmm...decisions, decision?!?!
  11. sky blue!!!! Nice!
  12. 2005 pre-fall Ice Blue is a beautiful light blue colour as well. It looks silvery and a bit cooler than sky blue, which is on a cuter side.