Help me identify Princess Diana's LV (pic with Dodi on yacht)

  1. Hey all, not sure if this has been posted before but in reflecting back on her life there was a pic of her carrying a mono shoulder or clutch LV bag when she is on the yacht with Dodi. Grrr, here's one pic...will keep looking for more...

    Does anyone know which bag this is and if it's a discontinued style?


    PS: I hope this post doesn't sound extremely shallow...I was just curious. :crybaby:
  2. I couldn't click thru.
    Is this the one with Diana walking on a dock?

    I REMEMBER this photo as it was etched in my brain.
    hope that doesn't sound shallow?

    Anyway it appeared to me to be a make-up case, in mongram canvas.
  3. ^^ Yes, sorry if the pic doesn't show but it is the two of them on a dock, perhaps getting off the yacht. she has on a black tank top and white shorts.

    Oh goodness, LV or not, how could we NOT have this pic (and so many others) seered in our brains. RIP Dodi and sweet Princess.
  4. okay, so while we are at it - do we remember her wearing any other LV?
  5. it's posted in th e celebs & Lv thread I think it a cosmetics pouch tucked under her arm
  6. ^^ Awesome, thanks!
  7. I thought it was that triangular mono piece (discontinued)
  8. I looks to be some kind of cosmetic pouch but I'm not sure which style it is.
  9. It kind of looks like the Monogram Canvas Poche Toilette 19 ..... ? :shrugs: Not 100% sure, I could be wrong.
  10. ^^ Yes, very similar if that isnt' it! It's tucked under her right arm.
  11. ^ i can see your pic
  12. I remember that pic ( I'm still a Diana fan:shame:smile: cause it is one of the few times I seen a pic of Diana with LV.
    I'm pretty sure it's the item Diva posted below.:yes:

  13. ITA I don't remember her carrying much LV. I just loved her style and elegance inside and out...and back when this picture was taken I wasn't into LV and didn't really notice....but now it looks like her clutch/bag is still around! Maybe I'll get one to salute her memory in yet another way :crybaby:

    Thanks, everyone!
  14. It looks just like my large makeup pouch that I bought about 20 years ago. I also used it as a clutch because it was quite big. I remember the pictures of her with it in many magazines.
  15. I thought maybe it was the discontinued Sac Triangle.