Help me identify my Kelly bag!

  1. I have been getting a lot of questions regarding the type of leather and date it was purchased. i tried searching the web, but couldn't find out what the blind stamps mean. It has a circled "N" and a "Z" and "4". if anybody can help me out, that would be greatly appreciated.

    also, i have the dimensions and wanted to double check the actual size of the bag.

    Length measures 11 inches (28cm)
    Height measures 8 inches (20cm) when closed
    Width measures 4.5 inches (11cm)

    it measures 32cm from top of the handle to the bottom, does that mean its a 32? thanks in advance!

    here are some pics for you ladies....




  2. It's a 28cm boxcalf sellier Kelly. Z is the atelier that it was made at, number 4 is the craftperson ID and N in a circle is the year it was made, in this case, 1984.
  3. wow, it looks brand new!
  4. actually, it's quite hard to tell from the pics - perhaps HG, Lilach or Trauma Turgo can chime in here - could be noir nacre, as it's SO glossy? But may be just good patina?
  5. Hey, GF, noir nacre IMO is hard to distinguish from regular noir unless the two are side by side, then you'll really see the iridescence of noir nacre. I think it would be difficult to tell noir nacre from pictures. But, brand new box does shine like this. *sigh* box, gold hardware........
  6. ^ LMAO...I just said the same thing somewhere else..HA! Great minds.....
  7. thank you so much...this really helps out :tup:
  8. i thought about it...and 84' seems a bit early. i think 94' would be reasonable, but i got this bag from my boss who bought it in paris at around the mid 90's and it was brand new from the boutique...hmmm, interesting.
  9. N in a circle is 1984, so if that's what your bags has, then that is when it was made. If it had an X in a square, it would be 1994.
  10. NICE bag!!
  11. Can someone tell me about the little pouch and the material it is made from? Is is from a particular time frame?
  12. The velveteen bag holding the Kelly's shoulder strap is made from the material that was used for dustbags before the orange feltish dustbags were introduced. These are my personal favorites, the highest quality, although I do like the new herringbone too --- and the orange ones if only for their color, of course! hths:smile:...but sorry I don't know the exact dates on them.

  13. Oh how beautiful. *Sorry, just came in to drool!*
  14. That's a gorgeous Kelly- so well-preserved.
  15. It's on eBay!:woohoo: