Help me identify my Chanel bag!!

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    Hey girls,
    I bought this bag from Chanel shop in Paris in Febuary this year. It's in white and the size is quite small. The flower comes with the bag. I can not find it from Spring-summer collection on the website.

    Anyone knows the name of this one?
  2. Wow that bag is gorgeous! I dont know the name but im guessing they probably calll it classic flap / camelia or something like that. Enjoy it!
  3. Sorry don't know the name, but the bag is gorgeous!
  4. what does the sticker on the box say?

    Beautiful bag BTW!
  5. I love it! Don't know the name but I'll research it.
  6. I don't know the name of it either, but it sure is gorgeous!
  7. I'll poke around on Ebay for you ! The bag is Beautiful !
  8. Thanks.I love it too but believe it or not? I have never used it yet becuase i 'm so in love with it. Also, it's in white and i think it will get dirty easily.

    There 's no sticker on the box. I only have the authenticate card and a small black envelop with the story about Coco chanel.

    Anyway, thanks for your help...You girls are the best..
  9. Wow!!!!! That bag is one of the most beautiful I've ever see in all my life...!!!! Lucky girl!! ;)
  10. I don't know what the bag is but it is beautiful. I love the flower on the top.
  11. oh wow! I wanted that bag 2 years ago. But all they had were ones with the flowers damaged.

    Congrats and gorgeous bag! Sorry I can't remember the name of it.

    edit: the bag I wanted was a little thinner but basically same design.
  12. Sorry I don't know the name, but that bag is beautiful
  13. I'll ask my SA on Tuesday ;)
  14. wow.. i've seen it once but don't know the name, but it's gorgeous.
  15. I have a smiliar bag however its in satin and its black! is ures a small one?? Cuz mine is an evening bag and I've bought it hmmmm years ago! however, it might be a classic style and they might reproduced it in diff. colours! Heres a link to view mine