Help Me identify? LARGE or JUMBO

  1. Can you pls help me identify the size of this flap? Do you guys like the color? How much does this retail for? (but this is probably a vintage bag) A friend is selling this to me and she said this is a JUMBO? am just wondering... ;)
    Chanel Tan Camel flap.jpg Chanel tan camel flap BACK.jpg Chanel Tan camel flap side view.jpg
  2. this looks like jumbo to me, if it's caviar then it retails for 2250 currently

  3. hi thanks for the info...this is lambskin i think (havent seen it in person she just emailed me photos)

    what do u think of the color? ;)
  4. hi. I just bought a large black flap today and the size is 12x 8x 3 1/2. So check the measurements and then you'll know which one it is. I can fit tons in it. Love the size. The retail cost: $1850 + NY tax. Mine looks like your photos but my hardware is silver and the holes are side by side on top. I'll try to put a photo here.
    Classic Chanel.jpg
  5. rosehair,
    how did you find it at 1850? and where did you get it from? the current selling of this bag is 2250

    i'm not sure about the prices of lambskin, it was $100 more than caviar, but since the price increase, i think the difference has gone up, check the reference thread for updated prices. as for the color, it's definitely not a color chanel still makes, beige is not my color, but this seems to be a nice shade.
  6. takeoutbox --- thanks so much for your opinion

    rosehair --LOVELY bag...if only i could afford the new Silver hardware :smile: and I am wondering about that why some of the Jumbo's has the hole that attaches the chains side by side (maybe for the newer styles?) and while this TAN bag is different but its a jumbo too (am not that knowledgable about the specs on Chanel bags)
  7. Hi, I bought it today in Long Island at Miracle Mile at the Chanel boutique. I actually thought the price was okay when I compared the smaller bags and they weren't much cheaper. Plus I'm figuring out that I got the "new" chain which I think is so hip and edgy looking over the leather/silver chains. Here's better photos.
    Chanel.jpg Chanel Back.jpg
  8. the price you got is great, it's the pre-increase price, as i've mentioned it currently rtails for 2250. great deal! i bought one too, in the blk jumbo.
  9. that's the new chain, I believe the new chain was/is less expensive than the "classic" chain.......
  10. What's the diff between jumbo and large anyway? sizes and prices???
  11. indeed a very pretty pretty bag! ;)