Help me identify a new CHANEL tote bag

  1. Do any of you know the name of a new Chanel drawstring tote bag that's pictured in the website under accessories for Spring/summer 2006? It's the third picture, it's a tobacco brown color with white contrast stitching. Have you seen it in person? What are your thoughts on how well the lambskin leather holds up to wear and tear? Your thoughts and info is much appreciated.
  2. I own it in black and i love it. wickedassin posted about this bag already and most think the bag is too big. I love it because i'm tall.
  3. How well does it wear? Does it scratch easy? I'm very petite, 5'2'',but I wanted a bag that I could just grab and go woth, and lug aroung toddler toys, if he gets tired of holding them. Are you afraid that the white will get dirty on the inside. You don't by any chance have a photo of it. I am thinking about the black, but have not seen it. Thanks for your feedback.
  4. boxy, I posted a reply in the other chanel thread.