HELP me ID what Im looking for please...

  1. Hi,
    New over here in LV and looking for this design. Im a dummy when it comes to all of the names (know chanel and gucci a bit better). I just returned from London and didnt see anything like it, but saw two ladies at the airport at Dullus with two different versions.

    One was a shoulder looked like a "softer" fabric/texture so to speak. It was a very rich dark brown with very small LV's on it in metalic gold.

    Could it be called mini lin? And can you direct me to or post photos? Is this something brand new? Or old and that is why I didnt see it anywhere in London?

    I really liked it because its different. I havent carried an LV in ages because my main home is in one of those area's of LA where you see EVERYONE running around with LV...many of which Im sure are fake because I think LA has to be the LV fake capital! It just got to be too much when I'd go to our local shopping area and saw EVERY 8-15 year old holding these purses :yucky:. But I have only seen 2 of what I described above and would like to buy something like this.

    Thanks soooo much for the help.
  2. Here are a few Mini Lin bags that are on eLux at the moment: