Help me ID this Fendi

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  1. I bought this Fendi for my mom last month from Bergdorf (no baby spies for her - too small, no spies for her - too big, no Bbag for her - don't like it) so I settled for this one. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to ask the SA what it's called and I've been trying to search for a name ever since. It just bugs me to have to call it "Mom's Fendi". :roflmfao:
    I'm thinking it might be the Spy hobo because the handles are spy-ish handles.. but I'm not too sure.

    Any one knows? :P

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  2. As far as I know, its the new spy hobo. I believe the old spy hobo was larger and didn't have the front pocket. But I may be wrong, so wait for the experts :s
  3. Nope, you're right. It's the re-designed Fendi Spy Hobo for F/W 06.
  4. Kate and Greendrv, thanks so much! I knew someone here would know! :P
  5. the new spy hobo =) nice bag