Help me ID this Chanel!

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  1. Can anyone tell me more about this Chanel bag?


    It was featured in the October issue of InStyle, but I don't know anything else about it. Has anyone seen it? What collection is it from? Is it still in stores?

  2. I found it at They say its $525 but to get more details, you need to be either an AOL member or a subscriber to InStyle. I'm neither....
  3. Yeah that's all the information I had too... I found that website but don't have any way to get inside the website.

    Thanks anyway!
  4. ^^ I have someone I can ask for you!! I'll let you know what she says k!!!
  5. I'm an InStyle subscriber, but even with that they don't give the name of the bag, just redirect to the Chanel website, .
  6. Thanks so mcuh guys, I appreciate the help! I guess I'll have to call Chanel to ask...