Help me ID this beautiful bag seen here on Ellen Pompeo..PLEASE ladies!

  1. Hello Ladies,
    I need big help... can anyone tell me what or where I can get this bag... I simply :heart:love it and can't seem to find it anywhere:confused1:. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I MUST HAVE IT! Who's it by?

    Thanks in advance! :smile:
  2. It looks vaguely Anya Hindmarch-ish, but I don't think that's it.
  3. mockinglee strikes again!

    I think you're right....the lines of the bag, the contrast trim and the hardware "looks" like hers.....if I were to wager, I would say Anya!
  4. beautiful bag!!
  5. Thank you all...your help has lead me to looking at all of ANYA's bags, and altough they are beautiful... I'm not sure this one is hers.....
    Any other suggestions?
  6. gorgeous bag...i want to search for it now
  7. do you know when the picture was taken? i.e. what was the date of the magazine? I love it by the way so now I am dying to know too...I love large satchelish bags that can go over your shoulder too and work for gym bag, shopping, diaper bag, etc....the original jimmy choo tulita bucket hobo looked like that, I still have one in green....that is the only thing that comes to mind! I like that she wears non-status bags alot!
  8. Hi trishaluvslv, Thanks... I know! Right... I love it and am obsssed! I saw this pic in the April '07 In Style mag and have been searching ever since! The only mention the darn jacket she's wearing. I've even written to People a few times asking for an ID, but with no response. :smile: Thanks for the help in the search... glad to have an ali. :smile:
  9. Thanks dcblam, after your and chelsssea's post, I looked at every bag I could find of Anya's and did find the Beverly very close. You are right... it's pretty darn close... but just not there...... Thanks for your help... I will keep in mind as a back-up. :tup::tup::tup:
  10. thanks gingirita! I appreciate the help. :smile: I'll be sure to post if I come up with anything....
    My search continues....
    Thanks for all the assistance ladies. Please let me know if you find her! :ty: