Help me ID this bag! She's behind Kirsten Dunst

  1. [​IMG]

    Does anyone know the tannish bag the lady BEHIND Kirsten Dunst is carrying? I love it but have no idea who's the designer :confused1:
  2. Ummmmm shoot me if Im way off...but Bulga, I think
  3. it doesn't look like bulga...i checked their line and didn't find such a bag.

    for some reason, the squarish hoops (that connect the straps to the body of the bag) remind me of marc jacobs but i don't think it's his.
  4. I'm blinded by that gorgeous Goyard suitcase, sorry!
  5. haha, me too! her suitcase looks fab!
  6. It looks like Moni Moni.. but I can't find a bag exactly like that
  7. Any pics?
  8. no it's not moni moni - the zippers don't look like moni you think it's just a no-name? i'll never find out...
  9. who cares about the beige bag when that gorgeous goyard is right in front of your eyes!!!!
  10. Yup! It is Goyard.