help me id these shoes from the devil wears prada!

  1. Can anyone help me with the designer/style/price of these shoes? Thanks a million!
    TDWP_0027.jpg TDWP_0031.jpg
  2. I think the boots might be Chloe, they are probably around $600+, I'm clueless about the shoes.
  3. The first one look like Miu Miu. The second definitely looks Chloe.
  4. The boots are definitely Chloe.
  5. Yep, they are the Chloe boots but from later 2005/06 so v hard for you to get hold of now :sad:
  6. Yeah those Chloe boots I had and returned at Barneys - in 2005 dumb dumb!! . They were alot of boot and did run wide for my narrow feet and were worn slouchy which I thought my legs were to skinny. If then I only knew leggings and skinny jeans would come back . . .

    They were impossible to get - the first ones had the tan heel. At the time they were worn by Nicole Ritchie and other celebs and Rachel Zoe was pictured in one of the mags with them. I only saw them at Barneys and Net a Porter and NM on line. They came in chocolate brown and black and maybe tan . . .

    I never see anyone wearing them anymore though . . .
  7. The boots really do look like Chloe....Pumps look like Prada to me...but you never know!
    I love them both!!!!!
  8. The boots are the Chloe Silverado as others have said, but not sure on the shoes. My guesses are Azzedine Alaia or Miu Miu.
  9. Def Chloe :smile:
  10. The first pair is Marc by Marc Jacobs. :yes:
  11. Chlor booths on the right those are hot ^^ !!
  12. no, the shoes arne't marc jacobs, as they have a tie at the toe. i had a pair of givenchy shoes that had that same tie idea, but i'm not sure if they made a versoin with chunky heel. Sorry.