Help me ID these coach bags

  1. Hi, I need some help with these two bags. I have been comissioned to sell these and want to list them on an auction site ( I won't say the name ) in case it is a violation. I really can't describe them becasue I don't know what they were called in the coach catalog. The brown fur one was a limited edition in 2000. She said she paid close to 1000.00 for it then. The pink suede one was purchased at a coach outlet. If you know the style names I would appreciate your help. Thanks
  2. I think the pink one would be described as a "carryall". I don't know about the other one (although I love it), though my guess is it's a e/w style duffle in haircalf. If you post pics of the creeds so we can see the style #s, we might be able to help you a bit more.
  3. The pink is a Soho Satchel.
  4. Thanks for the input. Here are the inside tag #s. I appreciate your help.
    pink.jpg brown.jpg
  5. Ehat does e/w style mean?
  6. I believe that refers to east-west when describing the shape of the bag. Longer east-west than taller north-south.
  7. Learn something new everyday. Thanks;)
  8. You're welcome:smile:
  9. I think the brown one was a limited edition one from a few years ago that was made out of calf or horse hair (the catalog described it much better than I). Maybe there is a SA on here who can be of better help.

  10. You could always call the 1-800 number and give them the style number and see if they can give you some information on the product.
  11. I called the 1-800 number and the girl hung up on me. How rude :sad:. I am not impressed with their customer service, thats for sure.