help me id these chanel thanks!

  1. pls id this chanel for me! and also wht is that chanel purse with chain straps its like a shopping bag with large cc logo on the front. it i think is caviar leather too. what is it and where can i get it. thanks.
  2. white caviar bowler??
    I know you can get it at a canadian store~
  3. That's a fake bowling bag.
  4. I have to agree with Intlset. That caviar bowling bag is fake.
  5. well i know its fake but i got the pic from ebay and that was the only pic i could find. anyways, is there really a white caviar in this style? cuz if they do i really want one cuz i think its kinda cute. hehe. ive seen a black one at Neiman Marcus but not a white one though. and again, do u guys know what kind of chanel is that one with chain straps, square, and with big cc logo on the front, with caviar leather? what line is that? pls help, i really want one and if anyone has a picture of it too? thank you guys for replying.
  6. There's One In Black? I Like The White, Too Bad It's Fake! :sad:
  7. yeah there's one in black, bagluv. i wanna ask if chanel really makes a white bowler though. anyone knows ? pls reply im mdesperate.
  8. ^ you really should just call a Chanel boutique and ask, not one in a dep't store but a free standing one. They know oodles and can help quickly.
    Also, the other one you're asking about. . . chain straps, square, caviar. . .
    is it a tote? Does it have leather 'pads' where the chain would hit your shoulder?
  9. yes thats exactly the one im looking for swankymama. what line is that and can someone post some pics here? thanks!
  10. my Saks carries that bowler in black and in pink caviar.
    its like 1050 or something aswell as the tote your asking about.