Help me ID, pls!

  1. Hi ladies, was wondering if someone could help me ID these CL's from NM site. Went into NM today and tried on the new decolettes (?) and came home and decided that I wanted these rather than my original Biancas. NM sometimes doesn't say the shoe name in the description, can anyone help me figure out which these are?

    Also... The new decolettes looked very similar to the pigalles (IMO). Tried searching threads but found nothing. Anyone know the difference bt the two? Thnx!

  2. Hi there. There is a thread for CL identification in the stickies (I don't know how to copy a link here).

    But to answer your question, the picture you have is of Decoltissimo.

    And regarding the difference between pigalle and new decollete, the pigalle has more toe cleavage and the new decollete has a much skinnier heel.
  3. Thank you! I will look for that thread next time :smile:
  4. The picture you have is the Décoltissimo and it is an old/classic style.

    As for comparison between the new Décolleté and Pigalle, I personally do not think they are alike at all.
    New Décolleté - has the toebox of the DÉCOLTISSIMO (so slightly longer and wider than Pigalle), and obviously has the thin heel
    Pigalle - shortest and narrowest point toe pump at the toebox and the heel is about 3X thicker than the thin heel that CL has for a lot of shoes these days.
  5. Thank u! I've tried on the pigalle cuz I liked that style but I couldnt even squeeze my foot in. I saw the new decollete thinking it was the pigalle and wanted to give it another try and my foot miraculously fit! But I wanted to see what the differences Bt the two were b4 deciding since I really loved the pigalle. If the new décolleté fit me perfectly, do u think there's no chance at all I could squeeze into the pigalle? I'm wondering if I tried on a wrong size b4. Kinda worried about the thin heel on the new decollete.