Help me ID my Burberry Sample Sale bag!!!

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  1. I bought this gorgeous Burberry bag at the Woodburry Commons Burberry Sample Sale and don't know the name of the bag, or what it retails for. The front and back are woven and the handles and trim appear to be lizard or some kind of snake. I found a few similar runway bags online, but none were my bag. I'm totally in love with it, but am nonetheless curious :rolleyes:

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  2. No clue but the purple is a huge color for fall. Great find and gorgeous purse! It doesn't have the name on the tag anywhere?
  3. I picked it up last weekend at the Burberry Clearance Center at Woodburry Commons. Nothing had tags. Everything was priced by item, material or print. Gotta love sample sales!
  4. is the sample sale still there? I'm going this monday.
  5. I think it's there. If you call the main Burberry Outlet there, they will tell you. Definitely worth while, but damaging to your wallet!

  6. Hi, where is the sales actual location , can provide address? Is there any sales on wallet?
  7. I got a bag in the same pattern but in the baby beaton style.
  8. That bag is really gorgeous! Love the purple ;).