help me id a (potentially?) non motorcycle bbag!

  1. I hope you all can help me, unfortunatley I don't have a photograph of the bag I am looking for but I'll try to describe it as best I can. A friend told me she thought it was a balenciaga and the leather sort of looks like it to me but i'm not sure.

    Ok so the bag is kind of longish and maybe 8-10 inches wide? and the handles are what are distinctive. there are two handles that are maybe have a 7 inch drop, curved at the top but what they connect to it looks like there are bars that run across horizontlly, and then the bag hangs from the bars.

    does this sound familiar to anyone? if so, what is it and what does it rtail for? thanks so much!!
  2. it sounds like you're talking about the convertible bag...
    it comes in suede and leather and in a smaller size (almost like the first), and a taller style that comes with a shoulder strap...

    the smaller size is $1595 and i think the larger one is $1995...


    here's the smaller one in tomato suede/black leather


    and the taller one in tobacco suede/black leather...
    Neiman Marcus in san francisco has the smaller one in pine suede/black leather, and the taller one in black suede/black leather...
  3. Oh wow! I love that tomato suede:tup: Great shape too!
  4. Hi ladies,
    I love this convertible bag with the red or black suede. Does any one know whether Barney's carry this style? or where besides Neiman can I get this. Neiman does not carry the small black/red or black/black combo. Thanks.
  5. I have always LOVED this bag! So fantastic!
  6. I haven't seen the black/red or black/brown combo anywhere, but there is a cognac/mahogany one on bluefly right now.
  7. Thanks so much; but the one on bluefly is the larger size. I am looking for the Small size without the shoulder strap. If you see, please let me know. thanks again.