HELP ME!! I stepped on my mom's H box

  1. Oh my goodness, I was taking a look at my mom's 30cm ostrich birkin in her closet. I was on a stool when I slipped and stepped on her H box cover, and the edge of the box cover ripped!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:wtf::wtf::wtf:

    She has no idea as this just happened tonite and I put it back in the closet!! What recourse do I have?? She bought it in Paris and we are in NY now. I have no personal relationships with the SAs here since I've never bought from them. Would they give me a new box cover or just smirk in my face???? WHAT TO DO?? I feel like a 6 year old that just spilled the jellybean jar, yet I'm the one with a 6 yr old now. HELP ME!!!
  2. OMG!! Well, I am a mom, and I would forgive you. I believe when and if she sends it to the spa she will get a new box.

    buy her a scarf, quick!!!
  3. Is it salvagable with some tape--is it just one corner? Otherwise, perhaps if you call the NY store and explain and bring in the box, they'll give you a new one.
  4. It's a box:smile: she is your mom, she loves you:smile:

    good idea about the scarf:p
  5. She will definitely forgive you, of course the scarf can't hurt!!!
  6. I think only a croc porosus could do do the trick. Both she and I like to keep our things in pristine condition so I'm stressed. Maybe I'll just blame it on my own 6 yr old.....ARRGGHHHH...Should I bother going into the H boutique for a replacement. This is the dumbest scenario....
  7. Well... do you feel bad because you looked into her closet? or that broke the box?

    The box is replaceable, I wouldn't worry about that.
  8. Is your Mom OK with you looking in her closet? If not, that will be the bigger worry....
  9. Blame it on your 6-year old.

    That's what I'd do..............
  10. lol, S'mom, have you forgotten how 'tell all' six year olds are? Would never work, not with Rose jr anyway.....
  11. You bad girl Smom... and how do you make the 6 year old make excuses ?
  12. Yeah, I feel bad for breaking the box while balancing on a stool and peeking at her birkin. But she is storing my 35cm birkin in that closet too. I had wanted to compare the sizes but before I could do that........I fell. I know she would not like to have a torn box for her ostrich, that's all
  13. ^^ you must have a box too then, just switch the boxes....
  14. I'm sure your mom understands it was an accident... you could go to an hermes store with the damaged box and see if they can help you ?
  15. Well, if you bring it into the store, and tell your sad tale, one of two things will likely happen. You will either get shot down, in which case, nothing lost...

    Or, you will establish a relationship with a kindly SA or DM, and you will get a new box for mom, and perhaps only good things will come for both of you.

    But, while you are there, I would definitely get a scarf.
    For mom. :p