Help Me! I Need To Make A Decision!!!

  1. I need an LV fix, I currently have a Damier Geant Messager in Earth, I love it to death but I want a Monogram Bosphore PM...I'm also going back to college and I'm skeptical about having two expensive bags in my room. What should I do??:push:

    btw, This is my first post! I'm Marcus, nice to meet you! (Girls & Guys)
  2. Hello, welcome to tPF.
    So you will live in the dorm?
    I think the Mono Bosphore pm is a nice bag...if you live in the campus, I'll suggest that you bring only one LV with you. Maybe it's fine to have LV bags in your college?!...
  3. Welcome to the PF!!! :smile:

    A Bosphore Messenger PM is a great choice!!! Or you could go with a Damier Melville Reporter?
  4. the geant if not too flashy, and may not be as easily recognizable, which may be easier in college. i like the geant better any way.

    but, as long as you have a locking truck or closet in your room, bring both. why not? as long as they are safe from being stolen.

    good luck in college!
  5. I would do for the damier for a guy in college :smile:
  6. Thanks so much everyone! Unfortunately, my safe isn't big enough to hold a messenger. I think I'm just going to get the Bosphore in a few weeks and leave it at home. Thanks so much for the advice guys!
  7. Bosphore is good choice, I think so is leaving it at home :smile: