Help me!! I need to find Sandstone RH or GH Day

  1. Okay... the title says it all. I'm looking for a Sandstone RH or GH Day bag.... can you all help? You helped me find the Aquamarine GH PT that I have... I know you guys always work wonders! LOL
  2. There is a Sandstone RH Day on the RealDeal Collections site.
  3. Thank you. Was hoping it would be under $1000. lol
  4. Yep, I understand.... Good luck!!
  5. Anyone Else?? :smile:
  6. Hi

    i have a brand new sandstone day GH bag?

  7. You are so so lucky! :smile:
  8. The only place that I found still carry Sandstone RH Day bag is Cult Status, but their price is so ridiculous. Hope that someone can report if Balenciaga Paris still have Sandstone Day.