help me, i need to find out where i can get my chloe fixed.

  1. Hi all,

    On my Chloe tracy 3 of the little bolts popped out and i do not have them, please tell me where i can take it to be fixed or if chloe does repairs, etc. I really want them fixed, mainly want it it fixed so it can be more aesthetically pleasing, it still functions very well .

    All your help will be really appreciated.

  2. Where did you buy the bag? When I needed a repair Chloe advised me to take it to where I bought it from. I got mine from eBay so I wasn't able to return to the original store and Chloe wasn't helpful. You may need to take it to a handbag repair store.
  3. If chloe store cannot help you, try emailing chloe corporate.

    I had hardware problem with a Cole Haan handbag once. Took it to a store and store refused to do anything. I found email address on Cole Haan site and emailed corporate. Guess what, corporate took my bag back and gave me a new one.

    Sometimes the SA in the stores don't/won't go the extra step to help a customer, but the brand has a reputation to uphold.

    Good Luck, I hope you get your beloved handbag repaired soon:smile:
  4. does fabulous work :tup:
  5. I had a couple of Chloe's repaired at the repair shop in New York that the Chloe boutique uses. At the time, they took care of it for me, (no charge) but Megan, who was the manager at the time, (don't know if she's still there) told me after two repairs, (months apart, different Chloes) that they would only repair bags that were purchased at their boutique. :cursing: Soooooo, I think you could contact them and they will give you the name of the repair shop (escapes me now, I have it written somewhere!) that you can send your Chloe to:smile::smile: