HELP me, I need HELP!!!!!

  1. Ok so you all know I went Coach crazy the other day, well today I went shopping at the outlet...........basically I have been to either a regular or outlet Coach store on Fri, Sat & today being Sun!! YES I HAVE LOST MY MIND!!

    So this is what I came up with. I did purchase these since I was w/ my two little ones and the stores were TOTALLY crowded and I really didn't have time to try them out. So some HAVE to go back but I can't make up my mind. I NEED YOUR HELP PLEASE!!

    This is what I am keeping for sure. Carly sig top handle pouch (PCE), perforated multi function wallet and perforated mini skinny (both from outlet) all in POOL:


    This is what I am debating on, I will only keep ONE SET.

    1. SIG duffle, mini skinny and compact clutch wallet (all from outlet) - GREAT SIZE BAG AND FITS ON SHOULDER:


    2. SIG gallery tote, mini skinny, slim wallet and EITHER the reg wristlet (all from outlet) or the beaded suede wristlet (macy's sale) - I ACTUALLY THINK THIS IS TOO BIG FOR ME:


    3. SIG hamptons stripe carryall, mini skinny, wristlet and EITHER the slim wallet or compact clutch wallet (all from outlet) - THIS CAN'T BE CARRIED ON SHOULDER:


    4. ERGO tote, wristlet, EITHER the french purse or slim wallet and reg mini skinny - gonna try and find it in a mini sig print (PCE - to be ordered MON) - THIS WOULD BE A GREAT SIZE BAG:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    pool.jpg duffle.jpg gallerytote.jpg tote.jpg
  2. I like group #2 best w/ the regular wristlet.
  3. opinions Please!!
    ergotote.jpg ergowristlet.jpg miniskinny.jpg wallets.jpg
  4. I like the last group.
  5. I like group three but i'm bias i have the bag and adore it!
  6. Wow I love it all. The Carly bag is great!
  7. I'd keep either 2 or 4. :yes:
  8. I like #1 and #4....
    I LOVE the Duffle as it is super versatile, and holds a lot!
    I LOVE the Ergo!! :yes:
    Soooooo glad you are keeping the Carly...she's SOOO PRETTY!!!!!
  9. I am loving the Ergo, I want one for me, so I can't really say oh you should keep the others. But I like the Ergo or your duffle. That chocolate brown is to die for cute!!
  10. My vote is for # 1 & # 4, but I say just keep them all :p
  11. Keep group 2 with the regular wristlet
  12. You have some hard choices to make! I guess if I were backed into a corner and had to choose I would keep the Ergo tote and wristlet.
  13. I'd say group 2 or 4 :smile:
  14. I like #2 the best. :biggrin:
  15. I would keep group 2.

    My secondary choice, would be group 4. I agree with definately keeping the khaki/pool set.

    Reasons: I say keep the gallery tote, it is more verastile and even if you feel it might be too big right now - you have the Carly demi for "smaller" days, but the gallery tote if you need to bring more with you, need to throw some sutff in there for you little ones/work/school, etc.

    Reasons for taking back the duffle: It is like an ambyss. It takes forever to find things in there, and while it looks flattering on - was a real PAIN to use. I sold one, because I used it once and couldn't handle digging at the checkout line for 10 minutes...

    Reasons for taking back the one in picture 3: It doesn't go on the shoulder?? Deal-breaker. I think especially if you are running after little ones, you're going to want something you can sling on your shoulder and have your arms & hands free.... The no shoulder thing is a deal-breaker for me, and I don't even have kids to deal with!

    Also, you've got two brown wallets there that look very similiar. Figure out which one you will use the most and take back the other one. (I think it is a slim wallet & a tri-fold... Didn't you have a mini-signature wallet in the other thread too?? Take one of those back... ;) )

    * Sorry for being so opinionated!! I asked a similiar question not too long ago, and I found it really helped me out when people answered & told me why they choose what they did... Good luck!!! :yes: