HELP ME!! I got clothing dye rubb off on my pebbled tote!!

  1. I am so devastated!!! :crybaby: :crybaby:

    my parchment and brown hamptons booktote is my pride and joy..I took her out to several business meetings yesterday while wearing my new black suit and when I got home I noticed that the black dye has rubbed off on my bag...Boo Hoo...

    I called the SA but she was as helpful as a hat full of toenails and told me there was nothing I could do to pebbled leather..:sad:

    now i have the coach cleaner and the coach there really nothing I can do?? or is it safe to try the cleaner.

    Any advice would be much appreciated..

    a very sad coach fanatic...
  2. I'd try some baby wipes -- alcohol free.
  3. i know it says not to use the cleaner or moisturizer on the pebbled leather,,, so i wouldnt use those

    i dont know what would work but i would try what krispin suggested if its trusted and just see hwat others suggest :smile:
    goodluck! im so sorry :sad:

    i have a pebbled leather duffle and its a light lighe beige and i use it like 2 times a year cause im SO scared to get it dirty :sad:
  4. I have had experience having blue jeans transfer to my white coach leather tote bag. I actually brought it to the store and ask for help and they recommended me the cleaner. I tried and now it's gone. Phew!
  5. use a white eraser!! a regular white eraser.. not mr clean or magic eraser... a white eraser that you erase pencil marks with!
  6. DO NOT use the leather cleaner. It will stain pebbled leather. I'd try Katrynar's suggestion of an eraser. Anything liquid will darken the leather, even baby wipes.
  7. I used the appleguard moisturizer/cleaner on my white ali to remove some denim transfer, it's gone. Be gentle do not rub hard and abraise the leather.

  8. Are you guys referring to regular leather here or pebbled? Because pebbled leather is TOTALLY different and you can't use moisturizer or cleaner on it. It will darken the leather and leave a spot.

    I really would NOT use any kind of leather cleaner or moisturizer on it. I'd try the eraser.
  9. Good luck fixing it, I really hope you're able to. If I ever get something on my bags I'll be in the same boat as you. For some reason every leather Coach bag I have is one you can't use the cleaner or moisturizer on. I guess I'm just a sucker for those gorgeous leathers. *L* So I'll be up a creek without a paddle if this ever happens to me. I feel your pain. *hug*
  10. I certainly would not try to convince someone to ruin their bag. Appleguard came highly recommended by LV Vachetta leather owners. It does not change the color or hasten the patina of vachetta. I continually use appleguard on all my Ali's, white, black, brown (vintage the one your suppose to rub your oily fingers on to hide the scuffs!) I have used it on Chelsea pebbled leather, mohagany - which is very dark so I will not defend that. Trying the appleguard on a hidden part of the bag is better than nothing!

    Coach says not to do anything, is the blue denim part of the natural enhancment of pebbled leather!?! I think they can do better than that.
  11. Does Coach recommend an eraser? (which I have used myself). How would Coach remove the denim transfer? This is common problem to more than one type of leather.
  12. Unfortunately there are just certain types of leather that are prone to dye transfer and staining more than others and caution should be exercised when carrying those kind of bags because those types of leathers aren't 'cleanable' per se. Coach doesn't recommend anything as far as pebbled leather or suede go (beyond the suede care kit), but some of the girls here have tried things and they've worked quite well-- such an an eraser for pebbled leather and a nail file for suede.
  13. Entheos, I just had some denim dye from my new Capri pants rub and stain my Ergo Vachetta Tote. Needless to say I am very upset. I used wipes and Coach Cleaner and while the spot is less noticeable, it is still there. I did just order the Applegarde cleaner/moisturizer, and it should be delivered later this week. I hope it works. If it does not, I guess I learned an expensive lesson. One should always wash and dry a new denim piece of clothing before wearing it against any leather bag. By the way I do prefer to try something than do nothing.
  14. It's just frustrating that a company like Coach would in a sense say, what ever happens to your leather bag too bad, then sell leather cleaner and moisturizer and say don't use it!

    I've had the denim transfer from very worn and washed denim, which surprised me, the transfer was very light but I noticed it. Appleguard truly is the only thing I know of to keep leather looking nice and moisturized. I have a pair of parchment leather boots that look obviously wet when rained on then dry back to the normal parchment color. They get the same "wet" look when I apply the appleguard and then dries without any change. Funny, they happen to have a pebbled look!

  15. Entheos, do you think that there is any chance that the Applegarde cleaner might get the denim transfer out?
    Please advise. Your advice is much appreciated. I am kind of miffed about this as I had sprayed the bag with Applegarde protectant against stains before wearing the bag. I have worn it for a month. I am never ever going to wear a light colored bag with denim ever again. It is going to be black for me or turquoise blue.