Help Me! I can't stop NESTING!!!

  1. Okay, I need help, probably from nesting aynonomis (spell check please!) LOL!

    I have been constantly cleaning for 5 days straight!! I can't stop!!! Everyone who knows me, Knows I hate cleaning with a passion, but now I'm so obsessive that DH asked me if I wanted to go out by myself to get out of the house so I could stop cleaning! LOL! He feels so bad for me. I vacuume my floor about 3 x's a day, and I'm always trying to find something to clean. LOL! This morning I was looking around the house and DH says "You're looking for something to clean~aren't you?" LOL! Oh god! It's so bad. LOL! DH said that he's going to get me a pre-natal massage for next weekend because my back is killing me. LOL!

    Here is the even funnier part!

    Last night I had a dream that I went shopping with my aunt (who I have not seen in like 5 years). Anyway, so we went to the store, and while we were shopping, I saw a vacuume and decided to clean the store. The staff was asking me to stop, but I could not stop cleaning. LOL! I actually woke up sweating.:rolleyes:

    I told DH my dream and he was laughing his booty off! So guess what I've been doing since 8 am today???

    That's right, Cleaning!!! I hope this ends soon!

    I really hate cleaning...............HELP ME!!!! I'M OCD!!!
  2. * anonymous :smile:

    You're not OCD, your body is telling you that it'll be time soon! Do as much cleaning now as possible, after our baby came cleaning was no longer a priority
  3. Well, I must be having sympathy pains for you becuase I have been like that ALLLLL DAMN DAY!!! My eyes opened and I can not stop (well, except to check in here as I walk by occasionally! Doesnt it feel good though!! You will be happy you did it and doesnt it feel good when you sit down to relax and you see all your hard work?? Dont worry like anything in life "this too will pass"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
  4. You NEED to stop cleaning because too many chemicals will be left for the baby to smell and probably react to. This is the truth and there have been articles on children getting extremely sick from too many chemicals.

    SO [​IMG]....LOL! :roflmfao:A little cleaning is okay (i.e., nesting) but too much will be too much! When is the baby supposed to get here?...make sure you air out your house =)
  5. I did not go through that when I was pregnant with my sister did though, and for her, it carried on 3 days after she came home! I had never seen such a clean house days after baby had come home!!

    I hope that you do slow down a little...find something else to do...are you a scrapbooker, or do you enjoy painting, or something else? Just think of what you will get done now!!
  6. LMAO! I'm glad someone else is sympathizing with me! LOL! But when I sit down, I feel like I need to clean something else! LOL!

    I am not really using chemicals. It's basically vacuuming, and laundry, and straightening up stuff. LOL! I did wash the windows today with Glass Plus, and the other day I cleaned all the bathrooms! LOL! So don't worry, I'm not killing myself with chemicals. LOL! It's just upkeep cleaning. I use soap and water for my kitchen, etc...

    I wish I could have time for a hobby! I like to make siggy's for people. And that's pretty much all I do......Oh wait....Shopping! I love Shopping! LOL!:wlae:

    I am due Sept 23, or earlier if I can get induced like i've been planning... Maybe I need a ticker. LOL!
  7. awww, you are getting soooo close!! Hang in there! Nesting is a sure sign baby is coming soon. Ive been checkin in from time to time waiting for some news lol.

    When I was nesting, for some reason I loved cleaning the kitchen cabinets!

  8. Oh Good~ I have read to many articles about babies getting sick from chemicals.

    Girlfriend...go shopping! That is what I did literally the day before I was due. It worked wonders for my dialation process:graucho:

    Your little one shoud be here soon!:yahoo:
  9. Aww thanks hun! I'll post as soon as something happens! LOL! You guys will be the first to know! LOL!

    Ghost, I think I may go shopping tomorrow. LOL! I have to take out my new Noe' and give it a test run! LOL! Hmmm...Where should I go?? LOL!
    When I clean it's usually a lot of toothbrush and soap and water stuff! LOL! I only use basic chemicals, nothing overwhelming, and I always make sure I have good ventilation when I am doing it. (I'm very allergic to the fumes!) LOL! So I try not to use them too much!
  10. i need to start "nesting". i cant wait to pop the baby out now!
  11. I was nesting big time when I was at about the gestational age as you. I'd be lying in bed looking at things in the bedroom that I needed to clean and want to get out of bed and fix it. My husband kept teasing me and shaking his head. Just be careful and don't over-do it. Every day after cleaning I would have so many pains that I'd just have to sit and relax.

    The good news is is that baby will be here soon! Hang in there!
  12. I guess you can never be too clean!! I love your new signature pic... your sons are SOOO cute. :biggrin:
  13. Catabie, ITA!! I am soo ready to be done now! I think, if you want, I can clean for the both of us! LMAO!

    Rileygirl, That's how I am, and DH just feels so bad for me. LOL! I am always looking for stuff to clean! Then I sit and relax, and my back hurts, but I feel like I want to get up again! LOL! How is your baby doing!?!?

    Jen, First off How is Nicky doing? Have you posted any updates? Second, I think I'm so clean now, that I am going to have holes in my walls if I don't stop scrubbing! LOL! UGH! Thanks for your compliment on my siggy and my boys! They are knuckleheads, but they are good! LOL! Anxiously awaiting for Rowan to come!
  14. I laughed when i read your post, because you certainly won't have that feeling for many many months post-partum !!!!!