Help Me! I am having doubts!!

  1. :shocked:
    Hopefully you ladies could help me.....I have always been a LV girl and wanted to venture into the Chanel world. I finally got the opportunity when Saks had the preselling with the bags at 40% off. I ordered two cambon bags, a medium pink tote and a beige bowler. I have been anxiously waiting for the fedex man for over a week now and this morning a bag finally arrived. I opened the box and saw the black Chanel box and I was waiting for angels to sing....but when I opened the box and saw the dustbag..and then pulled the pink tote out...nothing happened....I felt unimpressed! Almost disappointed...what does this mean?? Is this bag not for me, am I expecting way too much? There wasn't even a care booklet or anything....I wanted to read about what leather it's made out of (I think it's lambskin) and what material the interior was, etc....then I saw the "made in Italy" on the inside...I know bags are made in different I give it time? I should be getting the bowler tomorrow.....maybe I am having these weird feelings because I ordered the bag via phone and didn't have a "boutique" experience?? What should I do or think???
  2. I think the bags are nice, especially @ 40% off.

    Boutique experience??? Don't tell me you think the bag would be "more special" and "better" if you bought it in store, and that your opnion of it would be different otherwise. I mean obviously it's the bag itself you're having issues with.
  3. Hmmm, that's interesting. Why would they ship without the care booklet? I remember reading that someone had one sent without even the dustbag OR box. Aren't SA suppose to be more attentive to the customer than that? When I ordered mine I had EVERYTHING that should have been there AND a thank you card from the SA, goodness.

    I have the medium pink and absolute love it, but then again I'm really into pink. Maybe the color isn't you, if you're not "feeling" the bag? I would give it a couple more days and see how you feel...
  4. pink_bai2bi: I was thinking about giving it some time...maybe I am just stressed or something. I read the same post as you about someone not getting a box or dustbag with their bag! I did get a thank you card...but no care the leather lambskin, is the interior satin? When purchasing bags, I love the whole presentation! And I do love pink....rgggghh...
  5. Cambons are not lambskin as far as I know. I don't know about the care booklet, did you call?
    I'd return that bag if you didn't love it. I don't love Cambon's either, maybe that's not the right piece for you!
    Maybe you'll love the bowler!
  6. The pink cambon is a beautiful color but if you don't love it, then you shouldn't keep it ... even if it was 40% off. When the line first came out, I really wanted a pink bag but when I saw it IRL, I wasn't as smitten as I thought I would be. So I ended up w/ the black bowler and the beige medium tote ... so I do understand if it isn't love at first sight. As for the leather, the cambon line uses calfskin leather which is very durable.
  7. I'm sorry it wasn't love at first sight for you. I'm not a big fan of the pink cambons myself (just not a pink person). If you don't like it, I suggest exchanging it for something you like.
  8. Even with 40% off, if you aren't thrilled with the bag, I would return it. Invest the money in a bag you will love
  9. Sappho, I am having the same feelings over here! I just received the beige/black reporter yesterday and when I tried it on in front of the mirror, it just didn't do it for me. :shocked:
    I dreamed about this bag and in real life, it was too bulky and big for my skrawny arms. So, with much sadness, it's going back.
    Someone else can give it a good home and love it, I hope. :angel:
  10. You def. have to be excited about the bag, or you will NEVER use it. I think you should wait to see the beige reporter and decide if that one too isn't for you, so that you can return both bags together, should need be. Sorry it didn't work out for you...
  11. I have the beige/black tote and love it... when the beige one comes in I'm sure you'll love the color ! Keep us informed ;) !
  12. Here is an update on my two cambon purchases:

    I received my pink medium tote without authenticity card or booklet....and the bottom is dirty even though the SA told me the bag has never been touched and from the back room....called the SA and still haven't heard back from her! I just received my beige bowler and I actually like it better than the tote. It's very cute and had all its cards, etc...BUT there are too pen marks on the side on the bag! When I ordered the bag the SA told me that it was "fresh," not a display piece, she had looked it over now how do I deal with this? I know the bags were 40% off but they still come out to a lot..the bowler was over $800 on sale and has ink marks?? How would I get that out!! Rggh!! I am going to be so bummed if I have to return my bags..I would definately need replacements ASAP!!!
  13. I can relate to this!
    I had ordered a classic flap from Chanel boutique. I inspected it inside out. :mad: IT REEKED OF PERFUME AND THERE WAS LINT AND TEENY PIECES OF SOME FOIL GUM WRAPPER TRAPPED IN THE BACK POCKET. AAAAND...the auth. card DID NOT match the hologram sticker. I was fuming! Needless to say....tht same afternoon I drove 2 hours to return and complain in person!!!! I was given a pristine bag with all the necessaries and without the lint/garbage and scent (other than caviar leather!) and lots of apologies.
    What was this SAs thinking when she packed this obviously 'un-new' bag for me?
  14. How awful, I've been fortunate that my two bags- a black/black bowler and a black/white camera bag seem to be intact. I was missing a gucci bag that I ordered and fortunately the SA was there. She told me sale at Saks had been extended and that they still had the tote bag I had wanted in stock. So maybe call and see if they still have more of the bag you want and return the other dirty ones.
  15. i got the pink cambon medium tote.. but am unsure about the size..

    I might return my cambon too. I got mine from NM and paid about 1g for it.. NM does not have 40% off.. just 30% off. :hrmm: