Help me ! How do you decide to sell?!

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  1. I use to be a mulberry girl, and then I fell in love with LV and well the rest is history I have quite an extensive collection now, I still have a few mulberries and I'm wondering wether to get rid!
    My question is how do you decide? I've always thort if an item doesn't serve a purpose or if it's not getting used I will sell, I just don't want to make a mistake sell then end up re buying later !!
  2. I usually think that would be great to buy a new bag. Then I start looking which bag I use not much and just try to sell it. Till now I was lucky to sell bags for very good price. I never regreted about selling my bags because I am just very pleased with a new bag then. And I hate to have a lot of stuff in my dressing room. Hope my thoughts were not so chaotic to understand what I mean
  3. When I no longer use it, it no longer makes me happy to own, I sell. Usually once I decide a bag is for sale I don't want it in my closet again and I haven't regretted a sale yet.

    But I've never sold LVs just other brands. I take more time picking my LVs so I won't have to worry about reselling.
  4. I sell if I don't use the bag much, it doesn't partucularly suit my lifestyle and I'm sure I won't miss it.
  5. I was just in the exact same boat except with my large Michael Kors collection that I have had for a while without touching. I finally decided to start selling. I feel it's the right decision since these lovely items are just sitting without use. I hope I don't regret it. GL!!
  6. I have only sold a couple of LVs but I have sold all my other bags (BV, Gucci, Hermès, and Prada). My style has changed and although some of these bags were gorgeous, they weren't "me" anymore.

    Deciding to sell was difficult at first, but once I realized I didn't need all of these bags, it felt like a great relief. More space for exciting new items! I never looked back and I have zero regrets. I am very happy with my current collection!
  7. Think of the bag as a boyfriend. If you are no longer compatible, you need to dump it! [emoji1]
  8. Love this mantra!!
  9. Thanks everybody ! I guess that's how I'm feeling mulberry feels like it's just not me anymore and I look at how much I've used them in the last couple of years and they just don't make me feel special anymore! When I use one of my LVs I feel excited to use! I've gone through my collection today and put some up for sale, the others I'll keep for the next 6-9m and if i still haven't used them through the winter they are Gna have to go too!
    I've been naughty and bought two new DE pieces recently so excited to use my alma bb and speedy30 :smile: thanks everyone
    For your advice [emoji173]️[emoji173]️
  10. When I can't see myself ever using an item again in the near and distant future, that's when I decide to either sell it or give it to family members. I think it over carefully though and sometimes it takes me a while to figure it out but once I decide, the decision is final. Haven't regreted any of it yet.
  11. I feel exactly the same as you about my Mulberry collection. Bought quite a few in recent years but just don't feel it anymore. Still not sure about how and where to sell though. So for now they stay where they are! Be interested to hear how you get on though. Not sure how well they hold value [emoji166]
  12. Where do you list your bags generally? All I can think of is eBay...
  13. I've only sold a few times but it's because the bag doesn't meet the needs of my lifestyle anymore or is just not what I thought it was - something that's often only evident after wearing it for a while. If the bag's no longer making you happy then it's time to sell since there's a woman out there who would no doubt love it to bits...this train of thought always makes selling easier for me.
  14. I used eBay
  15. There are Facebook selling sites that I've used
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