Help Me Help Out The Woman I Nanny For :) Suggestions Needed! :)

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  1. Hey alL! :smile: SO i am hoping you guys can help me out :smile:

    One of the women i nanny for is in her late 30s and she is beautiful carefree and has 2 children, one 3 and one 1. They are fantastic but handfulls

    she has learned to live out of baby bags but she decided that she should have one nicer bag she can use casually when she isnt just carrying around baby stuff!!! :smile:

    SO here is the bag she ordered and she was a little diappointed in the color she thought it would be a rich brown and it wasnt as rich as she hoped

    i thought i might ask you all to help me with bag suggestions for her, this is the sort of thing she likes and a deep brown rich mahogony, or chocolate color would be wonderful and in the same price range (around $200!)

    THANKS SOSOOSOS MUCH! :smile: I cant wait to share all your suggestions with her!!

    here is the bag she got, the way it sits on the shoulder (you can see it has a nice strap drop) is very important ) :smile:


    was $178+ tax
  2. It's funny because I was going to suggest one of the older BR styles (Sandhurst Double Strap in Tomo) that maybe she could find at a Banana Republic Outlet. I love mine that I got on super-sale.

    A little more out of her budget, but HH Triple Compartment Mercer Satchel in Chocolate or the Thalia (about $297 with the momday sale, right?)

    Would she consider a Caramel color? I love my Ani in Cognac, but the Caramel ANI Cameron is on sale at for $287, and I think you can still use the SPRING07 code for 20% off and free shipping. No returns, though!

    Would she do one of the Tanos in Brusciato?

    If she doesn't need leather, Un Apres Midi de Chien has some fabulous bags in nylon and leather.

  3. I would love to see pics of the bags you are suggesting is there a website i can find them :smile:

    Leather i think is what she is looking for a deeper brown so a cognac i dont think would work for her :smile: but maybe some of those ones you suggested would be good,,, i just have no idea what they look like hehe :smile:
  4. Passerby that one is great but i think the jacket thing would be an issue she needs it to be perfect for everything you know :smile: including jackets :smile: thank you though!!!
  5. ohh passerby the 2nd one if only it were a rich brown!!! the Renato Minelli i think is REALLY NICE!
  6. the BCBG im not sure if i like it or not,,,, i cant decide!