Help me help my wife!

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  1. Hi there! I'm obviously not a regular over here, although I am a regular over at your brother site Styleforum (it's like this place, but for men).

    Anyhow, my wife was just asking my opinion. She's looking at some boots for winter that she can wear to work -- she manages a yarn/knitting store.

    The shoes she is looking at are the FLY London Metis Boot.

    Personally, I think these clunky wedge boots are inelegant and not feminine. However, she also says that a boot with a leather sole and a heel is something she would never wear.

    Does anybody have a suggestion of a boot that's a little more elegant while still practical for a lady who must stand on her feet all day?

    Anyway, nice to see you gals, and thanks in advance for your advice!
  2. I don't really like them, so I agree with you!

    I highly recommend Frye Paige Riding Boots. They are very elegant and timeless but still stylish and comfortable. I find them to be very comfortable after a couple of wears. I think they're about $300, so a little more than the pair you showed, but so much cuter.

    If you are looking for cheaper options, the Steve Madden INTYCE and INCENTIV are really cute wedge options (<1" heel) and I find them to be just as comfortable as my flat riding boots.
  3. i agree with you about the boots your wife picked out, please dont get them! however, i understand what your wife is saying about comfort and leather sole with no heel...there are definitely possible middle grounds.

    you can look for riding boots or wedge styled which makes it more comfy. also, there are brands that cater to comfort, like aerosoles or cole haan with nike air technology shoes. in addition, you can pick whatever you like from and return the ones you dont want for free, so how much more convenient can it be to shop?

    some other brands i've purchased that are comfy are sam edelman and enzo angiolini.
  4. Also, try Zappos for other Frye Styles or Cole Haan with Air, they are great about returning pairs you don't like!
  5. IMO the shoes your wife likes are not cute. I think you can get way better, esp with that price range.

    I own the SM Intyce in 2 colors and I love hem - very comfortable and stylish. I like the Paige boot as well, and Endless also sells Cole Haan Air boots..I would suggest your wife check those out too!
  6. I agree with everyone, her original choice is not exactly flattering.
    But do I understand you right, she doesn't want a leather sole? May I ask why?

    If it has to be rubber, she might look at boots by Clarks. They make very comfortable shoes, often they are not very pretty, but they do make a "trend" line. For example these

    The reason I recommend this brand is they are know to make "healthy" shoes so it won't be a problem to be in their shoes all day.
  7. I agree with everyone... I don't love the one's that she picked, there are other great options out there for that price. Frye is definitely a cute classic. Vince Camuto has some very cute boots this season: