Help Me!!!!!....Have no clue what to do!!!

  1. Hi all,
    Some of you may recall me posting a couple of threads regarding my indecisiveness on whether I should opt to wait out for that elusive grey alyona that was completely sold out along with other colours in the january sales, or go for a mouse grey east west mix quilted tote. Now my search for the alyona was futile, I called every concession, in every dept store and every boutique I knew of up and down the country and the answer was sorry, completely sold out. So I came across one website that had the grey e/w mix quilt tote on sale, but as I was about to purchase it it sold out too!!! Ugh!!! So I checked on eBay UK and came across a seller who was selling hers off brand new with Net A Porter tags attached as she preferred her blake. She sent me pictures of her bag, and it was totally legit, so I said what the hell and went for it and won. That was yesterday. Now today as I just happened to check out my and net a porter, would you believe it I came across a GREY ALYONA TOTE!!!! UGH!!! WHY??!!!! I panicked and bought it straight away, and then reloaded the page again to see if that was the only one they had, as it must have been a customer return, and it was the only one!! Now I have still not paid the seller and e-mailed her explaining my predicament and asked whether she would accept a return with all tags attached, minus shipping, if I got both bags and decided against hers, as she stated she would accept returns but only if item was not as described. I even offered to reimburse her for any listing fees, should the second highest bidder opt out of a second chance offer and she had to relist..What do I do, I kind of gave up on the alyona and actually started to lust after the e/w mix quilt and now I don't know what to do? I am still waiting to hear from the seller, as she seems nice enough. Which should I keep? I am so going on a purse ban after this as I have had enough of this shallow obsessing :s
  2. Well, I got a reply from my eBay seller who was very sweet and understanding but said that she would only accept returns if the item wasn't as described and so would have to offer it to the second highest bidder instead :sad: so now I'm left with the grey alyona, that is on it's way via dhl but I feel so anti-climatic. I'm not sure if I've done the right thing. I was really hoping to be able to compare both bags and decide from thereon. Have I done the right thing? Your opinions would be appreciated.
  3. i'm not sure i understand what is going on.... are both bags on the way? will the seller allow you to file a mutual non paying agreement thing? or have you paid already and she will not accept returns?

    good luck- worse comes to worse you have two new beautiful bags! congrats!
  4. Honestly, I think it's best that you let the eBay seller off the hook. It's unfair to the seller for you to receive the bag and then decide whether or not you want it based on its condition. It's difficult selling things on ebay, with so much fraudulent activity, that it's best to keep things simple - hence no returns. If you found a new one on and bought it, you should go with it. At least the ebay seller is understanding enough to allow you out of the transaction.

    Congrats on finding your bag!
  5. i think i understand what happened, but i am a little confused. are you just not sure which bag you like better? at this point, i think you're kind of stuck with the alyona unless you just want to return it and pay the seller for the mix quilted tote instead. they're both beautiful bags and i think you'll be happy with either one of them. good luck deciding.
  6. ^^ ohhh i get it! i have to agree with thithi- when unsure about bags and you want to compare- ebay is not the place to buy it. i wouldnt accept a return for buyers remorse either or because the buyer found her holy grail... even if i totally sympathized with her.

    good luck again!
  7. Hi guys,
    thithi no worries about the ebay seller as I've apologised and reimbursed the seller for her listing fees and she was very sweet about the whole thing. I've had the same done to me before when selling my other bags and items on ebay. I'm getting the alyona any day now, and will probably see there and then if it is defintely what I had hoped it to be, after all, I suppose I could say it was fate that I happened to stumble across it per chance today after weeks of searching everywhere for it! By the way tadpolenyc, as you've got both bags, lucky thing, which is bigger, or are they the same size and same volume/capacity?
  8. my mix quilted tote was a special mj boutique release, so it's actually much bigger than the mix quilited totes that were sold in department stores. i have handled the smaller sized tote and i would say that they're both roughly the same size. the alyona might be a little taller, but the style also tapers more, so the top of the bag is narrower than the bottom compared to the tote whose size is more uniform.