help me, girls!!!

How about these blingy Marc Jacobs flats? They are kinda cool in the gold, and probably wouldn't be overwhelming if you stuck to more reserved colors in your clothing...
I'd be all over them if I didn't have to wear heels to add some height (I'm a shorty)

You might think these are boring, but I just purchased them from Bergdorf's:

Tods'...they also come in yellow and tan trim, and I've seen them in bright patent colors in a couple of magazines this month.
thanx girls for all your replies!!!!!!!!!particularly love the MJ's!!the golden ones are really pretty!!love the tod's too and i'm checking out the other colours 'cause unless the green ones are really cool, i wouldn't wear them so much.....teh jimmy choos are lovely too, but a bit too expensive and, finally, the Pretty Ballerinas aren't bad, pretty cheap but look nice and classy.....!
and then for you another question!!i need a pair of classic ballerinas, to wear with everything. I was thinking about a pair of French Sole, but I'm pretty unsure with the size....:sad:can anyone help me?!I wear a 37.5!