Help me get over my fear of swift

  1. Swift is everywhere.
    I have touched it and marveled at its soft hand, how it seems smooth and yet has a subtle, flat grain. I like how it looks in a Lindy, how it folds.
    BUT...I don't understand this leather. Many say it is scratch-resistant, and that light scratches rub out easily. I have not been able to get a good feel for how this leather ages, despite prior threads on this subject. By aging I mean does it get a patina, does it lose its shape (e.g. Kellys, Birkins)? I handled a swift Masai and the leather felt thin. It made me worry about its durability.
    As for now, I might consider it in a small bag like a clutch but am too afraid of it for anything bigger.
    Any swift lovers out there who can help me?

  2. i have three swift bags: at first i was skeptical. but the scratches blend away and it gets softer and velvetier...................i love it.
  3. How about purchasing an accessory in swift?? Live with it a bit to get over your fear.
  4. I thought of that (a bebop maybe?) but that would only help me with the scratches issue, not the structural one....
  5. seriously--its holds it shape. i have a 35 birkin.........i think its superior to clemence and some togo for shape, certainly less stiff than chevre and box. Its been a pleasant surprise.
  6. I have a swift massai and its fantastic in swift!!!
  7. I sent my 35 swift back because after looking at it I felt it would look like a great everyday, lived in looking birkin after using it the way I use my bags and I just don't really want that look for the money. I think it is incredibly soft and wonderful to touch and would age well but I just couldn't get myself to accept that for the investment. I want a bag that can look like new 10 years from now, not something I might want to replace because it falls in a heap. I think for a massai or an evelyn it would be great.
  8. While i understand your feeling--there is no hermes leather (even those refurbishable) that will look new in even 5 years with regular use. The only exceptions are possibly croc. Leather is a natural (highly environmentally friendly...........)product like fur or cotton or linen etc. It degrades over time. If it werent for the often toxic dyes and harsh chemical processing, leather is a wonderfully environmentally sound material. Having owned Hermes handbags of every leather type for the last 15 years (plus 2 vintage pieces of my grandmothers) I think you should buy what you love the look of and that suits your personal style and relish it. Its hard to enjoy these bags when you are worried about their longevity. With care all of the Hermes bags will alst for a long time--yes some more easily than others.
  9. I have a swift 1923 Bolide and although I haven't had it for long it's already survived a stampede of dogs running over it plus numerous days of Icelandic rain. It's a little floppy, and much more so then my Kelly Longue (also swift), but I love it and wouldn't have any hesitation in getting it again in a bigger bag :yes:
  10. I wore my vermillion swift TPM GP bag for several months earlier this year. It never got scratched, sagged or had any issues. I love the way this leather can take a strong color and how soft the leather feels.
  11. ^^ I think vermillion is the perfect swift colour :yes:
  12. gracekelly, what is the material used for lining of your GP?
  13. I have the same issues, swift felt a little too thin for me. I had the chance to buy an orange lindy, but somehow just don't like swift.
  14. Pepper, in what H bag style are you considering Swift? I do not recommend Swift for just about any bag. Really. It's great for some bags, and not so ideal for others.

    This is true. BUT, by light scratches, it means, gentle brush of finger nails .... that sort of scratches. Normal handling of swift will not show up scratches at alll, compared to extreme susceptibility of scratches on Box Calf.

    Swift does not get a patina. I use my Swift Lindy everyday, and it looks just the same from the day I got her. The feel, however has changed over time. It has become softer. And yes, bags made in Swift will 100% change it shape, more so in a Birkin than a Kelly. In a Kelly, the sides will slouch and give it love-handles. In a Birkin, because of its open tote design (no support on the top), you will get batwings, and the bag will slouch. Check out the slouchy Birkin thread for a depiction of my description.

    Swift is not much thinner than say VL or Epsom. But because it's souple, it feels that way. It is definitely thinner than say, Togo, or Clemence. And lighter too, as a result. That's a plus point. But do not be deceived by its thinness. It is a very durable leather.

    Your concerns are rightly placed. Swift should not be used on bigger bags. It is good for clutches and smaller bags indeed. AND perfect for the Lindy.
  15. In all due respect, Hermesaholic, I do find this very hard to believe. I was shown a brand new 35cm Swift Birkin right out from its box, and the moment the air stuffing was removed, the Birkin sagged.