help me get my 1st givenchy!

  1. hi fbclem!
    i hope you can post mod pics! :smile:
  2. Panda panda! Its the bestest all-around esp travel bag there is! :tup: well, ok, for me ;)
  3. purse-nality, u have a Pandora... small or medium?
    it's growing on me a bit.. but still on the fence about it.. hahaha! at first, i keep on saying that it's such a weird design! hahah! but the more i see it, it's seriously growing on me :smile:

    i have Bal velo.. and i see that i will be using that in travels too!.. i don't like having same kind of style in bags.. if you know what i mean ;) hahaha!

    maybe i have to see it in person to actually gauge it!:smile:

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    Here's a pic [​IMG]

    if you look closely on this 1, there is bump under letter g (left snap) and under letter Y (right)


    What do you think randr21? I want to make sure and I think posting pics can help other people too since this is a rare style. Thanks!

    Overall the bag is gorgeous, the leather is so soft.
  5. Defect wise, its pretty minimal. If u r truly bothered & can't get another one, then just return it.

    If u r worried about authentication, u will need to provide more pics on the auth thread
  6. Alright, will post pics later at authentication thread. Thanks a lot randr21 :smile: