Help me get it straight...

  1. I was going through older threads about the Luxury Line and there are a few things that I'm confused about.

    Metallic black...(1) Was it only for spring '06? Or for Fall '06, too? I thought it was being replaced by Bronze?

    (2) What leather did they use for Spring '06? Deerskin or goatskin? I'm talking about metallic black bags.

    (3) Also, to get that color, was the leather treated with something or sprayed with paint? Would metallic black rub off with time?

    I was deciding between a Classic Flap in caviar and Luxe Flap in metallic black. Well, I bought the Luxe Flap but afraid that it wouldn't last as long as the Classic Flap (meaning it is not as durable). What do you think? I am very gentle with my bags but I still want my Chanel to last a LOOOONG time! I want both bags eventually though. I thought I'd get the flap first since it is no longer available after this season (I THINK????) in that color and Classic Flap will always be there.

    Thank you for your help!!!!
  2. Anyone?
  3. Hmm I'll try to help!
    Well I think the luxe flap will last you just as long...the Luxe line is all handcrafted so its actually in some ways better than the classic flap.
    if you like the Luxe keep it, get the classic flap another season they won't ever disappear
  4. Metallic calf skin black is Spring 2006

    "Metallic" deer skin black is Fall 2006

    I think metallic calf skin will stand the test of time, besides it is limited.

    You can buy a caviar flap any time.
  5. Thank you for your replies!!!!

    So, I have calfskin then. I love the whole "metallic black" look, so I am crazy about this bag at the moment. I just hope it lasts...

    Does anyone know if the leather was treated or just sprayed with metallic paint?

    Thanks again!
  6. The metallic black for spring 06 was goatskin. The matte black was calfskin. Your flap is goatskin like mine.

    The fall 06 is deerskin but it's not really metallic; the leather has a sheen versus metallic specs.

    I'm not sure if it was sprayed with anything but it looks like it will hold up well with time and use. I alternate bags frequently but when I use the flap I don't baby it; it's such an easy bag to wear.
  7. Thank you Roey for clarifying.:flowers: