Help me get info on this wallet please!

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  1. Hi! Yesterday on eBay i JUST missed winning this adorable wallet- it was small w/ a zip around and had the signature stripe. In fact, it looked just like the wallet below but much smaller (about 1/2 the size). I know I've seen this wallet before but I can't find it on the website anymore (its not the one on there w/ the snap- but close). Does anyone know the name or item number? I wanted to know what the price was and see if I could order it from JAX. Does anyone have that wallet and love/hate it? I thought it looked perfect to take out in a small bag since all of my other wallets are bigger. Thanks!
  2. Do u have a link to the auction on eBay? It might help if we see the actual pic.
  3. I wish I could help more now, but just from the description I'm thinking it was probably one of last year's sig stripe mini wallets. I have the catalog with those in it at home and if no one else beats me to it, I'll post the info later.
  4. I think I have that wallet, let me dig out the picture for you. It came out with the first line of Signature Stripe, I have the parchment stripe version of it. It does not hold alot, so be warned.

    It's #40019 and it did come in other colors, call CS and they may be able to locate one for you.

    Here is the stock photo (I save all the pics of things I get):

    And here is my Signature Stripe collection:


    It's in the very front of a medium beauty case to give you an idea of size.

    It holds cards on each side, but they are hard to get in and out because of the zipper. HTH!
  5. Oh and it's called "Signature Stripe Small Zip Around Wallet" HTH!
  6. yessss that is it! You girls are so helpful! im going to call in a few and see if they can find me one- do you know the price by any chance? since these are from last year, has anyone seen them in the outlets? i hate to pay full price when things are in the outlets :p im a bargain shopper like that lol
  7. I don't remember the price, and I haven't seen any Sig Stripe show up at the outlets. Good luck!