Help me for the decision please!

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  1. I want to get the palm backpack pm in jungle collection, which one would you get? I need your advice. Please!
    I am 34, casual style, 2 children's.
  2. Both are lovely. The red dots are so striking! Just by looks, this would be my pick. From a practical/use perspective, I would pick the one with the blue dots. I feel like I will have a hard time matching up the bag with red dots with outfits outside of the obvious colors in the bag. With the blue dots, I feel like this matches with jeans by default; overall seems easier to match up with outfits. help here :lol: Ultimately, whatever makes your heart sing louder is what you should pick. Good luck deciding!
  3. i'm not a pink girl, i love how the blue just pops with the 2nd print. that's my vote
  4. I like the one with the blue spots! I think its unique and i love blue! Try it on and see what looks good on you.
  5. The one with the red dots is just gorgeous!
  6. I'm blue spots... Just love the pattern.
  7. I like the red, the colors are so vibrant.
  8. I don't mean to sound negative but I wanted to make sure that you knew that people are posting that the painting chips. Apparently, the chipping on the painted canvas pieces is a bit common. Some people have posted that theirs started chipping after the first use :sad:. I just wanted to make sure that I shared this info because I know how busy life can be with two little ones.
  9. I vote red dots ! :tup:
  10. I vote red but red is my favorite color!!!
  11. Pink and red!
  12. I love pink so def the pink and red :P!
  13. Love the backpack in pink and red!
  14. Love the pattern. For your preferences I'd go for the blue dots!
  15. I think that with use, the screen print will get dirty and I think the pink will show dirt more so than the blue dots.

    So blue dots!