Help me for my next purchase....

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  1. Hello,

    I am willing to purchase a lady like bag.But i am a bit confused.This season there are so pretty bags..I :heart: so many bags.
    I want a lady chic bag for every day use.The season goes for smaller and more lady like bags but i want a bag that it will not last only for a season.I mean I want a bag which it will be classic look bag and useful.
    I am between 3 bags.I think all of these are great but i have to decide one!!
    1.MIU MIU Padded leather tote in black
    2.Fendi Silvana in black or blue with stripped canvas
    3.Celine Trapeze in black or combination of navy and brown.
    Which of these do you suggest me?
    I like these three bags but i can not decide.
    Thank you!!xxxxx:smile::cool:

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  2. I don't know much about any of these designers, but I like the one in the middle.
  3. I vote for the Fendi Silvana. The Celine is nice, but the sides go out too much for my liking.
  4. The Celine it's gorg...!
  5. I second the Fendi. The leather looks wonderful and the style is classic.
  6. I love the Mui-Mui for that ladylike look with a touch of edge.
  7. MiuMiu is my first choice :o)
  8. Miu Miu!~ Love
  9. I love the Celine too but from what you say you want the Fendi
  10. I went to Fendi boutique and i am not so exciting with Fendi Silvana.Fendi Anna looks better than Silvana.The shoulder strap is stronger.
    Celine Trapeze hasn't arrived yet to stores here.I am waiting.
    Miu Miu is gorgeous on me.It has great look.Generally all these brands have good quality leather.
    It is not easy to decide.
  11. Celine
  12. love them all!! but I would personally go with Celine
  13. Celine