HELP ME for I cannot stop obsessing about...

  1. these darn QEES!

    I'm totally in love with them! I just keep buying and buying, and buying these friggin' toys! is getting rich off me!! LOL!

    Here's a few...Aren't they PRECIOUS?

    And don't nobody talk crap about KISSY FACE!! (the last picture)

    He's SO WICKED UGLY that it makes him KYOOOT!:love:

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. i love the first one!
  3. I know, right? It goes so well with the print too!!:heart:
  4. I love them too, and the only thing that stops me from making an order is that I can't decide on one or two...I want like 20. :nuts:

    Love the cyclops monkey dude...:tup:

  5. ssoooooo cute! i'm def buying a few on monday. as soon as i can get to the bank! haha!
  6. i love the two pink ones jeny. i definitely like the cuter looking ones better haha
  7. LVixen-i like the first qee on your op bella bella. She's Adorable!
  8. are there more places to find them?
  9. OMG...How adorable is that pink toxic bear??? So darling :smile:

  10. I like her too!

    I got her because supposedly she is a nurse, and so am I :smile:
  11. I'm not sure, but I'd love to know too!
  12. Hehe, I love your Junko Mizuno one (The one on the OP)! I bought one when I visited this really cool record store in Cincinatti and I got this little topless/hairy-chested pirate dude that goes awesome with pirata!

    You can get qees at all sorts of different places. Usually places that carry vinyl toys or like at modern art museum stores. They usually come in blind boxes though, but that's half the fun! I think you can also probably get them at, too. They seem to have EVERYTHING there nowadays.

    Oooh! I found a good site:
  13. Thanks!! I :heart: the cuter ones too. They're so addicting though. I usually start out ordering 1 and before I know it I've got like 10 in my cart :rolleyes: I don't even go on to the qeester site any more b/c I know I'll just buy a ton of qees!

    You can buy qees on eBay too :idea:
  14. Slightly off topic, but I recently bought a Cheshire cat qee from them :smile: It's 8", so it's way too big to hang on a purse, but I'm hoping it's the right size to be the Cheshire Cat for my Alice pullip.